Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Business Networking

Here in St. Pete, business networking is the buzz word of the day and if you don't belong to a business networking group, well you just won't succeed. At least, that's what I'm told, anyway. It really is amazing at how many of these groups there are around here. There's BNI, NPI, Free Networking International, Le Tip and Business Builders just to name a few.

I joined a small group called Local Business Networking (LBN). The group meets every Wednesday at 7:25am in the community room of Perkins restaurant and they seemed to take a liking to me so much that they made me secretary, which basically means I take attendance. The group is really a great group. There's a good deal of comraderie and everyone has a fun time at the meetings and it's an awesome group if you are a small business owner like a plumber, termite specialist, you sell Mary Kay or are even a massage therapist. It is not, however, for the professional graphic designer.

While I respect what groups like my LBN group does for small businesses, most of the members can't justify the costs associated with professional graphic design services. Especially when they can do it themselves using Microsoft Word! In other words, these groups are loaded with people that are overly concerned with cutting costs instead of taking steps to enhance their professional image. I've heard this referred to as steping over dollars to pick up pennies. If you play your cards right, what you put into your company you'll get back tenfold. Likewise, if you spend little you get little back.

Generating a powerful brand for your company does take time and money. It also builds confidence and morale. Can you see that a confident and high energy sales team wouldn't have to work so hard to get business? Graphic design is critcal to developing a strong corporate image that is backed by inspiring people. In the long run, the money is always well spent.

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