Friday, July 13, 2007

Wine For Whiskers

Last night I attended the SPCA of Central Florida's annual Wine For Whiskers event, a charity wine tasting event that helps raise funds for the animal shelter. What made last night's event special is that I had a chance to produce the posters, invitations and all the event graphics for the night. Attendence was about 400 people, which was about double from last year's event.

I had a small table set up showcasing some of our work. On the table, I had displayed a small collection of posters (shown above), which as the night went on, kept disappearing. I would replenish the pile and it would quickly vanish. As I mingled in the room, I learned that the night was filled with buzz about the posters. People loved them. I was asked to sign autographs on several of them. I hadn't done that since I was in a rock band a decade ago.

The evening was great and really got me thinking that perhaps there is an opportunity in illustration somewhere here.

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