Friday, May 23, 2008

Graphic Design vs. Annual Reports

I meet with a business coach about every 2 months or so and yesterday we met to discuss marketing. She asked me what I say to potential clients I want to work with and I ran through a couple of mock conversations with her.

She said, "y'know, you talk a lot about graphics and graphic design, but as a general consumer I don't know what that is. If you enjoy designing annual reports for example, then say that."

Afterwards, I attended a social gathering with about 150 local business people and as they asked me what I did, I told them my company designs annual reports. The response was completely different than what I normally got. People were actually engaged, interested and willing to give me referrals of people they know.

It is amazing what can open up out of being specific in your message. This includes being specific in your advertising and marketing efforts. The best marketing is the simplest marketing.

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