Friday, November 9, 2007

Make My Logo Bigger

Sean sent this amusing video to me: Make My Logo Bigger Cream

I haven't had a request to make a logo bigger in quite some time. Perhaps that has something to do with the value my clients of today place on a well designed piece versus the ego trip of having a huge logo. I'm sure there's some sort of sports car analogy I could make here and I won't.


The question is what makes the client want to have their logo so big in the first place? Having a set of corporate design standards or graphic standards in place eliminates this question.

Corporate design standards does three things.

1. It creates a consistency. When your brand has a uniform appearance in all aspects of your marketing, there is nothing left to question in your customer's mind. They get used to seeing it the same way over and over creating top of mind awareness.

2. It makes your job and our job simple. Knowing where to put the logo, how big to make it and what the layout is going to look like ahead of time eliminates time spent on how to design an ad or brochure.

3. It provides a foundation. A corporate design standards manual serves as a guideline for designers, marketing executives and printshops to use so that everyone involved with a company's brand development are all on the same page. It outlines everything about the visual look of a company—how the logo is used, corporate colors, typeface, imagery, layouts. It's all defined so that no one questions what they are supposed to do.

Defining your brand based on the marketplace is what works. Defining your brand based on your own personal tastes doesn't work.

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