Friday, October 26, 2007

Victoria's Secret

I'm an Angel, which means I belong to a select group of Victoria's Secret credit card holders (and, in case you were wondering why I have one, I'm married).

What I love about Victoria's Secret is that they have one of the best well-oiled marketing machines on the planet. Beautiful models prancing around in well styled underwear gets the men sold on the name and the women want to be what the men want. So, they go buy the underwear. It's a win win.

I get these mail pieces about every month from them. They are beautfully designed, bright and eye-catching. The one thing I really like about them are the offers they give. Victoria's Secret never seems to subscribe to the tired marketing clich├ęs and half-assed offers. They really give away good stuff.

It's not uncommon for them to send an offer for a free bra. No strings attached. Just go to the store and pick one up. It's all in the effort to drive traffic. They are so confident in their product, that they know you'll buy something else when you are there. Me and the wife? We usually do.

If companies marketed themselves with some confidence like that, I would assert they would see increased sales. "Buy five, get one at half price" is weak. No one responds to that sort of thing anymore. Consumers are smart nowadays and it is time to start thinking from a different perspective. Being a buzz-worthy company is a start.

What are some unique methods you are using to drive traffic to your store or website?

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