Thursday, March 8, 2007

To Swoosh or Not to Swoosh

When it comes to developing a company's trademark design, it is not uncommon to see businesses carelessly adopt a swoosh or two to represent themselves. In reality, this is not only a highly overused and abused design technique, it is also completely meaningless to your customers. What does a swoosh really mean anyway?

The most famous swoosh, of course, comes from our friends at Nike. The technique evidently caught on big with several high tech companies throughout the '90s and when the dot com bubble burst, it didn't seem to kill its monumental symbol of the swoosh.

The swoosh is a dated design element and represents a dead era. Companies that use a swoosh aren't telling their customers anything about what they stand for and just because Nike is sucessful doesn't mean a swoosh will put money in your pockets. A great logo design presents a simple concept that represents a company's mission.

Steven Lekowicz provides some great information and sometimes a humorous perspective about the swoosh or the "Millennium Orbital Crescent Swish" at the >Logo Hell site he has published. The site provides examples of companies that use a swoosh as well as informative links explaining what makes this bad design.

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