Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cosmic's experiment with product design

We were just got hired to design a series of very fun Christmas tree ornaments plus the packaging. This is beginning to become a commonplace occurrence for Cosmic: packaging and product design, which is funny because it isn't what we've studied. That's not to say we aren't experienced with it.

There's a shift in the marketplace for businesses. Those that start have the tools available to them to create advertising and design work for themselves. We don't recommend this route and yet, it is something we are seeing a lot of.

The other side of it is we are seeing a shift in what clients are requesting. We just finished project work on the design of a software interface for a custom website application. It was a combination between web design and product design and proved to be a very interesting and rewarding learning experience.

For the future, Cosmic is looking towards new aspects of design beyond print collateral and website design to accommodate our customer's needs.

What new unexpected shifts have you seen in your industry?

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