Friday, March 13, 2009

How could linen rental companies have fun?

I was thinking about the linen rental industry for minute. I can imagine that hosting corporate events are a big part of this industry's profits, but with all the cutbacks and budget tightening going around, corporate events probably aren't going to be that "eventful" these days.

The first response by the linen rental companies is probably to cut back on advertising and promotion.

Consider another idea. Host a major corporate event for your own company.

How about this? Gather the area's top fashion designers, give them all the unique fabrics and linens they need, and have them use the linens to make whatever wild and creative clothing they can come up with. Then organize a fun and highly exclusive fashion show featuring models dressed up in the clothes made from your company's linens.

Not only would the fabrics be featured as fashion items, the decor of the entire event can be themed to feature your company's linens. From the tables and chairs to wall hangings, the show would be a living display of your business with your clients in attendance having an incredible time.

Pair the event with a well-designed website, internet campaign and event catalog and your customers would have a completely new and unforgettable experience about your company.

Imagine the PR, the remarkable memories, the customer testimonials, and the sales. Yes. The sales. Done correctly, this event would make selling your products sooooo easy. Even in this market.

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