Sunday, March 29, 2009

What is your question about advertising and design?

If you are having a marketing challenge in your business, i.e. little to no customers, awareness, generating leads, etc., chances are pretty good that it may be solved with a proper application of a solid graphic design solution.

We've discovered that many of our own clients have tons of questions when it comes to marketing:
  • How should I use my website in conjunction with another marketing campaign?
  • Why don't my newspaper advertisements work?
  • Should I publish pricing on my website?
  • Does my logo suck?
  • How do I incorporate social media applications into my internet marketing.
  • What colors best represent my business and why?
  • How do I get more customers?

So, what's YOUR challenge?

We are looking for topics and discussions to publish that are valuable to not only our clients but other business owners and marketing executives as well. We would love to answer your questions either here on this blog, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or send us an email through our website if you prefer.

So ask away and put our expertise to good use. We've been doing this for over 16 years and would love to help. It starts with your question, though. So, ask.

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