Sunday, January 25, 2009


Lately, I've been looking at the emails I get from people and studying what works about them and what doesn't. I have come up with a list of nine critical items an email can have to be an effective marketing tool.

Notice, I didn't say "HTML emails". These items can apply to any email you send whether it has graphics in it or not. Even a simple note to your mom has a visual impact.

1. Enter and set a full name in your email preferences. This isn't your email address. It is your actual name or company name. It tells others the name of the person sending the email.

2. Make is scannable. Computers users generally don't read. They scan. If you are typing a text only email, format it so information is delivered in small chunks. Use short sentences and space between paragraphs.

3. If you don't know how to format an HTML email, don't try it. Stick with text only.

4. If you really really want to send an HTML email, hire a professional.

5. Make the subject specific to your email. Don't write a teaser. "Workshop information" is much more informative versus "Hey you…".

6. Never leave the subject line blank.

7. Give your recipients an option to respond via email somewhere.

8. Always use a signature that contains your phone number and a link to your website. If you don't have a website, call me.

9. If you are sending emails for your business, plunk down the $10 per month and get a hosted email account with your business domain. It's professional. If you don't have a hosting account click here and get one.

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