Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sandpearl Resort

Last weekend, I lived in luxury. I haven't been to a lot of ritzy places, but the Sandpearl Resort and Spa in Clearwater, Florida was definitely in my top three of swanky hotels. Personalized five-star service. Champagne at check-in. Opulent landscaping. Marble everywhere. Waterfalls. Butlers. The works.

For a moment I felt a little inadequate pulling up in my Nissan Altima while the valets were carefully repositioning the Bentley, Porsche and Rolls Royce situated on the hotel's polished pink cobblestone driveway.

However, I couldn't get over one tiny detail that was bugging me during my whole stay.

The resort displays their logo everywhere and it has two fundamental flaws. If you look closely, the type is not properly drawn with smooth connecting strokes in two places. And, if I want to get downright fussy about it, the capital "S" and the flourishes lack proportion and consistency with the rest of the type.

I don't have a problem with the composition of the logo itself, and if this were a Holiday Inn, I wouldn't bat an eye at it. For a company with such a high demand for integrity, however, this doesn't fly for me. A hotel like this pays very close attention to the details–especially in their logo.

This is a great case where "good enough" is never good enough. It really pays to know your client's business inside and out. For the Sandpearl, I could tell the second I walked inside, this hotel expects perfection because their customers expect perfection. I would bet whoever drew this logo didn't even step inside the hotel and if they had, they probably were't paying attention.

When we give 98% to our work, it has a trickle down effect. Eventually, that 98% becomes 75% and you get crap or get fired or both.

Your clients don't settle for 98%. Why would you?

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