Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finding Your Way (Part 2)

Sign makers make signs. Printers put ink on paper. While they are important partners within your marketing team, most do not provide quality design services. Many companies try to avoid paying designer fees by going straight to the end producer. This is a big mistake.

Take the sign shown above for example. This sign was probably designed by the sign maker or maybe even the client. While the sign itself may be a solid, weather-resistant product, it is confusing to the viewer and a waste of money. Why? Because most sign makers make signs and are not designers. For the most part, they do not understand the complexities of the human brain and how people respond to certain graphical elements.

This could be improved through a simple adjustment of elements to become a readable way finding system.

Your business' image is important and of course I'm biased about that, but ultimately everything you do impacts how customer's view your company. If you are out there planting confusing sign work what does that say about your company? What does that say about the person running it?

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