Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stamp Collecting

Last night, I found my dad's stamp collection and realized why collecting stamps isn't boring. As a kid, I thought stamp collecting was about as fun as licking rocks. So, when my dad bought me a stamp collecting album for Christmas when I was seven, I wasn't exactly excited to get started.

My dad started collecting stamps back in 1940. Knowing what I know as a graphic designer, some of the stamps in his collection are pretty amazing. Take the images above, for example. These are stamps from Ecuador, circa 1939. The printing techniques used to produce these stamps at this time is remarkable and the color combinations are beautiful. Many of these stamps are only between 1 and 2 inches. It takes a highly trained eye to produce such little works of art.

I understand that my dad wasn't trying to teach me about stamps. He was getting me to pay attention and to appreciate details. When we pay attention to the details, people notice. When people notice they want to be a part of it, whether its a business, community project or a hobby.

Pay attention to the details today and see what happens.

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