Friday, February 23, 2007

Eric Gill

History has always been sort of a dull subject for me and unless it had something to do with Nazis getting abducted by UFOs and was on the History Channel, I was no where to be found. So, recently, when I found a desire to learn more about the history of graphic design, I was surprised to learn about some professionals who even a 100 years ago could take on today's talent with a vengence.

Take Eric Gill for example. This British born typographer started out as an architect and found his training cumbersome. He then moved on to stone carving which led him to carving letterforms. His most famous typeface, Gill Sans produced in 1924, is still a highly prized typeface today. His career gained him much noteriety as he continued to produce amazing artworks for the BBC, the League of Nations and several postage stamp designs. He was eventually awarded the Royal Designer for Industry, the highest award given to designers.

With all the prestige surrounding his career, it is fascinating to me that upon his death in 1940, his headstone simply labels him as a "stone carver." Must have been humble about his influence on this industry.

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